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Sun, 21 Dec 2014

Walnuts in the Shell

Snacks are a problem for someone with diabetes. I cannot just grab some chips. The carbohydrates bump up my glucose levels. A Snickers is out of the question. A carrot is satisfying because it takes some work to chew and has only six grams of carbohydrates. Dill pickles are a good choice with under three grams of total carbohydrates each. A cup of walnuts is just eleven grams. They crunch nicely and bags of shellled nut pieces are easy to find in the supermarket. Our market has them in the produce department.

Leading up to Christmas, though, the market also carries walnuts in the shell. I cannot just pour out a handful from the bag and pop them in my mouth all at once. Having to crack the shells and pick out the edible nut parts slows down the snacking. Over about 20 minutes, I eat five or six nuts. Problem solved.

When's dinner?

Oh, yes. Always remember to floss at bedtime.


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