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Sat, 06 Sep 2014

Pandoc to HTML

For a while, I've been puzzled by the failure of pandoc to produce accented characters correctly in HTML output.

More research may have found the answer to bad html conversion of accented characters:

By adding the --ascii option to my pandoc command, the html contains the correct accents.

pandoc --ascii -t html5 -o 00test.html 20140906.md

From the pandoc README file:
    Use only ascii characters in output. Currently supported only for HTML output (which uses numerical entities instead of UTF-8 when this option is selected)
That means the html conversion uses littérateur to show the é as it should

Kubuntu Compose Key

Of course, we need an easy way to type the accents in the first place. The "compose" key is it. Compose+accent then the letter to accent

By default, the compose key isn't set. Of course, knowing the difference between the meta key and the compose key definitions comes first. The meta key is the left window key by default.

Internet search to the rescue:

The compose key is not set at the keyboard shortcuts. Instead, it is in the keyboard layout section of system settings. System Settings > Keyboard settings > Advanced Configure > keyboard options > Position of compose key > Left Win (my choice, so it is like Windows and, therefore, easier to remember). I think I must have set this before on earlier computers.

Hoo Boy! Two solutions in one day. The "learn something new" has been good to me today.

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