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Sat, 04 Jan 2014


It is common to see signs along our streets which admonish us to take extra care because there are children.

Caution Children

Now, I do agree with the advice. I love children and never want them hurt. I appreciate knowing that there are children around. Thanks to the town officials who gave the approval and to the maintenance workers who put up the sign.

The real problem is...the adults. They are present in large numbers along our streets and are just as common on the streets, crossing busy roads in the middle of the block, far from any marked crosswalk. Then, too, it is the adults who drive the cars and text, talk on cell phones, eat breakfast, you get the idea.

I believe it is high time we had at least an occasional warning that we need to pay attention to other adults. Maybe the caution would also serve to remind us to look (briefly) in the rearview mirror to see the adult who needs to apply due caution.

caution adults

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