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Sun, 05 Aug 2012

Stop Privatizing Public Schools

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Education is a public responsibility in the United States. It isn't a corporate responsibility. While making the effort to learn is an individual effort, the need to provide a school with resources is the job of the community: local, state and national.

Sharing is the process of education. Each generation of teachers guides many groups of students by sharing the world's knowledge, by encouraging children to try and not be stymied by needing to try again. Older children share their developing skills with younger children, learning to be effective at sharing and leading in a community. We must not sell out to the profit takers. We need to continue encouraging and enabling generations of citizens, those members of a community who make the community stronger by giving back, not just taking out. A community is not defined by its singular, grasping, winners at all cost. A community is defined by its willingness to support its children and the next generation of community success.

Thanks to Paul Buchheit at Common Dreams for the inspiration for my post.

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