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Tue, 26 Jun 2012

Are YOU a Geek?

Geeks come in many sizes and shapes. That is to say, we are not all the same. But there may be something about us that overlaps in a consistent way.

What makes you a geek?

Perhaps it is this simple. You are interested in something that the vast majority of others are not. When you laugh at the memory of a favorite line from an obscure movie, you identify yourself. If you study the leg joints of butterflies, you identify yourself. If you obsess about the pronunciation of the letter H (haitch vs. aitch), you identify yourself. The realms of your geek identity are dissimilar, but your focus and "odd" fascination mark you.

I smiled, and thoroughly enjoyed this video. So did Guy Kawasaki whose blog brought the video to my attention. Will you think the explanation is "cool" or will you even go so far as to stop watching before it is finished? Are you the same kind of geek as I?

Do you have something that captures your interest; stamps, coins, spelling, knitting, computer logic? It doesn't matter what it is. We with such focus share something good, something human.

What is your geek realm? You don't need to have one, you know. Of course, even if you have such a focus, you don't have to call yourself a geek at all.

Go ahead. Enjoy your fascination.

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