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Wed, 28 Apr 2010

Meat under Patent?

My understanding of the Kosher laws is very poor, but I checked, and Pig (pork, ham, bacon, etc.) is on the list of animals which should not be eaten. And, it is clear that the patent application by Monsanto isn't going to make much difference to those who adhere to Kosher rules. I wonder if it will matter much to the rest of us if Monsanto gains a patent on the meat of pigs, though. Thanks to the Jewfaq.org descriptions of Kosher dietary rules.

The world intellectual property organization (WIPO) has in hand a patent application from Monsanto which wants a patent granted by them to effective "own" any pig meat which make better human food by "incorporating healthy lipids containing stearidonic acid into swine feed products". WIPO Link

I don't think I have anything against genetically modified (GM) food products, per se. What troubles me is that the corporate patents related to these modified foods give unreasonable control over food chains. Think about it, food chains controlled by corporations. Saving harvested seed for subsequent planting is against the law when seed patents are granted. "Buy seed from me or don't plant at all!" seems to be what the GM patents say.


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