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Recent Reading - 2017


Click the occasional spoiler buttons only if you wish to see plot-revealing material.



Children of Time
471 pages
Tchaikovsky, AdrianAdrian Tchaikovsky

An arc ship from a poisoned Earth approaches a terraformed world hoping to colonize. An Old Empire sentinel satellite is circling the planet and is warning them off.

This excellent story weaves biology, social interaction and "first contact" science fiction themes with excellent effect.
Highest Recommendation


Remnants of Trust
528 pages
Bonesteel, ElizabethElizabeth Bonesteel

Carrying a convicted ship's captain, a Central Corps starship is attacked with a high loss of life. The Galileo, her captain Greg Foster and chief of engineering Elena Shaw go after the Syndicate raiders who masterminded the attack. Elena and Greg struggle with their relationship. This series seems to be a mix of romance genre and space opera.


The Cold Between
416 pages
Bonesteel, ElizabethElizabeth Bonesteel

This book is a first novel, and it also a crisply written space opera. Very well developed characters and a driving story. I am looking forward to more.