Recent Reading - 2016


Click the occasional spoiler buttons only if you wish to see plot-revealing material.



The Last Unicorn
304 pages
Beagle, Peter S.Peter S. Beagle

Beautifully written fantasy about the last unicorn on earth. Startled from ignorance of her status by overhearing some hunters in her enchanted forest, she goes on a quest to find and rescue her kin. Beagle uses English with elegant simplicity. I wanted to memorize all manner of quotable phrases.

"I always say, perseverance is nine-tenths of any art--not that it's much help to be nine tenths of an artist, of course." --Mabruk the Wizard pg. 165 will have to do here.

I wonder if William Goldman was inspired by The Last Unicorn as he sat down to write The Princess Bride a few years later.

A rich, beautiful fantasy.
Highest Recommendation


The Boy Who Fell from the Sky
210 pages
Owen, JuleJule Owen

Mathew lives in London, but the book begins with him falling from the sky into a jungle in Siberia. Virtual reality is taking a new turn while aging nation states prepare for war and the waters of the Thames river break over their levees to flood parts of the city.
Highly Recommended


The Kingdom of Gods
529 pages
Jemisin, N.K.N. K. Jemisin

Lord Sieh, first of the godlings finds nothing really good can come from offering friendship to two children of the Arameri clan. He cannot help himself. It is his nature. The hundred thousand kingdoms face a threat not imagined since the Maelstrom birthed the first god Nahatoth. The cohesion of the universe is challenged.

A very good conclusion to The Inheritance Trilogy.