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Subscripts and Superscripts

How do I make superscripts and subscripts in Word? asked one of the middle school teachers this week.

This tip is a quick one.

  1. Type the whole formula or equasion as regular letters and the needed digits, too.
  2. Select (highlight) one of the digits that needs to be the superscript or subscript.
  3. Pull down the Format menu and select Font.
  4. Put a check mark in the appropriate box.
  5. Using the formula for sulfuric acid as an example, this is what the formula should look like when you are halfway done.

The subscript for the number of hydrogen atoms (H) has been done and the oxygen atom (O) subscript is highlighted, and ready to format.

Here's how it winds up: H2SO4

A finished math example: 52 = 25

The following illustration shows the appropriate part of the dialog box for Font Formatting. Put the check mark into the box for superscript or subscript.

You can find a practice worksheet of chemistry formulas and math problems in the tech tips section of our Web site.

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