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Window Size

At the top right corner of every application window there are three buttons. They are the basic window controls.

This control set is for a maximized window that fills the computer screen.

This control set is for a window that is "average" and fills part of the screen.

Clicking the left mouse button on the first (left) button minimizes the window to a button on the task bar.

Clicking on the X button (right) completely closes the window and quits or exits the application. Don't do this one if you want to go back to work on the document some more. Just minimize if you need to see the desktop.

The middle button either switches the window from an average size to a maximum...

or back to average size.

The return to average button shows an icon indicating that you might have more than one overlapping window.

When you click an application (minimized window) button on the taskbar, the window will return to either maximum size or medium size depending on the way it was before it was minimized.

Minimize the maximum! This one's really fabulous.

You can minimize all the windows at once so you can see your desktop without needing to minimize one window at a time.

Just hold down the window key (the one with the Microsoft window icon printed on it) and tap the letter M.


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