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Eeek! It's a Mouse!

The whole Windows idea is based on being able to point to an icon or menu choice and select or activate a complex event without having to type a series of complicated commands. Veterans of the days of computers when DOS was the operating system had to do just that. Now veterans and novices alike benefit from being able to point and click with a mouse.

The mouse controls the position of a pointer on the screen.

When you put the pointer on an object you select the object by clicking the left mouse button (conveniently labelled "L" in the illustration).

Icon before a mouse click

Icon after a single mouse click.

Quickly double clicking an icon like this one "opens" it into a window. This time, the window shows the contents of the folder.

(Boggle, Columns, and Same are three of my personal favorites.)

The exciting part is that I can now double-click the icons for Boggle, Columns or Same and start the actual game which I will then play for hours!


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