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To see the earlier graphics, click the link for 2016 - 2015 and to look even further back, even earlier.
The clipart seem to be accumulating fast enough that an annual page seems logical.
This page of graphics begins with January 2017 and will have the latest graphics at the top.

All clipart on this page (excluding the circlular logic logo) may be feely downloaded and reused/remixed. Choose from two formats: png and svg. The SVG flavor is that of Inkscape, because that's the tool I'm still learning to use. If you choose the SVG format, you may open the file in an SVG editor like Inkscape to modify as you wish. If you only need a finished clipart, just use the PNG, though realize that it will not endlessly resize without loss of detail. Using the SVG file will allow you to export at any size you want.

Have Fun!

To get the graphics for your own use, download them to your computer. Please do not link to the originals here. Right Click the appropriate download icon below the graphic you want. In the context menu which opens, choose "Save Link As..." (Firefox) or the equivalent choice in the context menu of your browser.
save link as... For PNG use this download link icon PNG download Icon or this for SVG Download SVG.

The wide border graphics like this example are at the bottom of the page.

image: border






Souvlaki Dinner

PNG download Icon - Download SVG

PNG download Icon - Download SVG

PNG download Icon - Download SVG

PNG download Icon - Download SVG


Happy New Year
Happy New Year

PNG download Icon - Download SVG
Tanker Truck

PNG download Icon - Download SVG
young walkers
Walking Couple

PNG download Icon - Download SVG
The Proposal

PNG download Icon - Download SVG
Leisurely Walk

PNG download Icon - Download SVG

2017 Page Border Decorations

None so far...

Public Domain Mark

Copyright © 2017 Algot Runeman (for attribution), but note:
Most graphics on this page are in the Public Domain and may be freely used with no restrictions.
(excluding the circlular logic logo, and graphics whose license is explicitly stated)